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Analysis & Managing

          CYBER RISK

Be Proactive - Not Reactive


Cyber Risk Assessments 

Cyber assessments 

evaluate an organizations knowledge of 

cyber exposures, applied policies, 

programs and management practices for managing and mitigating cyber threats. Industry such as: 


  • Banking

  • Design & Construction

  • Communication

  • Education

  • Energy

  • Health Care

  • Hospitality

  • Manufacturing

  • Media

  • Public Sector

  • Research 

  • Technology

  • Retail

  • and Others


Insider Risk
Cyber Assessment

Nearly 80% of security professionals state insiders are the biggest threat to data security. An insider can be a current or former employee, contractor, or business partner. 

  • Any Organization

  • Federal Government or Agency

  • Consultant, Contractor to government agency

There are minimum standards that must be applied for Insider Threat Programs when working with certain government departments and agencies. This assessment may help your organization in complying with those standards.    

Critical Infrastructure Cyber Risk Assessment

Critical infrastructure has become dependent on cyber applications to perform vital functions that include: 


  • Electric utilities

  • Energy distribution

  • Banking and finance

  • Manufacturing Water

  • Wastewater treatment

  • Transportation

  • And many others


A cyber event affecting these systems or could not only harm the organization and business, but potentially impact public health and safety, the economy, and national security. This assessments may help identify cyber risk and exposures.   


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