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About Us

Cyber Security Service (CSS) are industry professionals, each with extensive experience in their fields including security, cyber, risk assessments, performance management, technology solutions, insurance, counterespionage and counterintelligence. CSS conducts Organizational Cyber and Insider Threat Assessments identifying potential vulnerabilities in cyber security or Information Technology (IT) programs. The assessments have been developed based on industry information, trends, case studies, litigation, claims, best practices, standards, and industry professional guidance documents. Organizational policies, practices including insider threats that cause fraud, theft of intellectual property, and IT sabotage are assessed. The objective is to aid your organization in analyzing current efforts, and make recommendations for applying program and management practices to aid in resisting attacks on networked systems, to limit damage, and help ensure continuity of your organization.

Timothy J. Corbett
Founder and Principal

Timothy J. Corbett, has over 30 years of experience in risk analysis and developing, and implementing customized risk and performance management solutions for organizations. Tim's experience has included working with the Department of Energy (DOE) and internationally recognized energy and construction firms in the energy and nuclear fields. Tim's efforts included assisting in the development of model program for other facilities to follow. He has worked with hundreds of firms evaluating risk resulting in improving overall performance, profitability and reduced risk and insurance costs. Tim sits on a number of U.S. national committees and is regularly called upon as a speaker at national and international forums and is a Board Member of the international organization Enterprise Risk Management Academy (ERMA). Mr. Corbett holds a BS in Security Management, MS in Management, Architectural Design Technology Certificate, Certified Enterprise Risk Governance (CERG) and is Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design (LEED) accredited.

Stephen J. Corbett
Advisory Board

Stephen J. Corbett served as a Special Agent with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) for 25 years.  During his service with NCIS he was responsible for all NCIS-led counterespionage investigations; designing and implementing counterintelligence measures to identify precursors of foreign collection activities; serving in Yemen on the joint FBI/NCIS investigative team addressing the USS Cole and September 11th attacks; and developing strategies to have DoD counterintelligence representatives integrated into US Embassies. Upon his retirement from NCIS he has assisted both the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis and private industry in developing and implementing comprehensive counterintelligence strategies that are designed to secure an organization from adversarial collection threats, and for developing measures to detect indications of illicit collection activities.

Mark Princevalle
Advisory Board

Mark Princevalle has over 25 years of experience within performance-driven industries on a variety of levels in executive management, and field-based operations and development. Currently the founder and CEO of Storm Tech Management – an energy industry engineering and design firm providing upgrades to utility and quasi-governmental electric grids and storm recovery services. Princevalle was one of the first Americans to assist the Ukraine in evaluating and recovering from the Chernobyl disaster - negotiating and securing contracts and being awarded a membership in the Ukraine Academy of Sciences for his accomplishments. Mark has assisted numerous companies both for-profit, and non-profit achieve their vision and respective goals and improve operations, supports efforts locally, nationally, and internationally. He also holds numerous board positions providing leadership, and operational resources as needed.

Luke Ollett
Advisory Board
Sean S. Sweeney
Advisory Board 

Sean S. Sweeney spent 35 years building Philadelphia Insurance Companies into one of the world's premiere commercial property casualty niche underwriters. He began his career with Phly as an account executive and retired as their CEO. He took the company public with the founder James J. Maguire and was involved in the successful merger with Tokyo Marine. As a passionate proponent of education and community service he served on numerous nonprofit boards as well as the board of trustees for University of Mount Union and Saint Joseph’s University. He has been an adjunct faculty for various colleges and continues to guest lecture at universities nationally. He holds an MBA in marketing from Saint Joseph’s University and a BA in Business administration from the university of Mount Union as well as the following industry designations CPCU, RPLU and ARE.

Luke Ollett has been engineering technology solutions for over 15 years. Expertise has been employed at GM, Boeing, Chrysler, Airbus, Panasonic, NASA, to name a few. Luke enjoys applying the breadth of experience from work and travel and in all aspects of life to make things more efficient. At IBM, made process improvements and modifications to large multi national companies helped build the Boeing 787, Airbus 380, entertainment system. At TapThere, the unique product built and conceptualized from scratch was able to raise over $1.5mm in under 12 months. As Luke states, "when not being a nerd, I like racing my bicycle and baking bread." Luke holds a Bachelor of Science in Information and Computer Science with a specialization in Networking and Distributed Systems from University of California, Irvine, CA.  Luke Ollett

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